Material from motivation barometer symposium available

Written by Tim Vantilborgh
Psychology & Corona

From the first day of the COVID-19 pandemic, it was clear that it was not going to be a mere physical health crisis. In order to control the virus circulation, from one day to the next a gigantic behavioural change was required from the population that touched their essence: their freedom was drastically curtailed and social contacts had to be reduced to a minimum. It was immediately clear that it would also be a psychological-motivational crisis.

For more than two years - and over 90 measuring points - the Motivation Barometer project collected empirical data on the support for measures, the motivational commitment and the psychological well-being of the population.

In this concluding symposium, we looked back at these findings from a helicopter perspective. We wanted to bring together important psychological lessons and discuss them with other disciplines, policy, the media and the wider public (e.g. study participants).

To know more about the symposium, please visit the website where you can download the presentations, report, and view photos.

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