New motivation barometer report (#40) available

Written by Tim Vantilborgh
Psychology & Corona

The 39th report on the motivation barometer was made available on the 1st of February 2022. This report focuses on the CST, mandatory vaccination, 1G policy and ending restrictions.

Short description of report

After almost 2 years of corona crisis, the government is facing a crucial decision. Will it introduce further loosening regarding the Covid Safe Ticket (CST), will it maintain the current CST policy or will it increase the pressure to get as many people as possible vaccinated? What are the likely psychological consequences if a vaccine pass or a mandatory vaccination are introduced? Various experts from different disciplines (i.e., medical, economic, educational, psychological) were invited to a parliamentary debate on this fascinating but delicate issue. In this report we evaluate the support for four policy options (i.e., abolish CST, maintain CST policy, introduce vaccine pass and compulsory vaccination) and we deepen the psychological mechanisms that explain the (lack of) support for a policy option. The following questions are central to this report:

  • Does support for various policy options depend on the number of vaccine doses someone has received to date, and what is the role of risk perception?
  • What psychological advantages and disadvantages are associated with different policy options, and which policy option encourages vaccination?
  • What are the differences between a 1G policy and mandatory vaccination and do they encourage vaccination?
  • What factors prevent unvaccinated people from getting vaccinated? Are they related to attitudes toward mandatory vaccination?
  • What is a potentially a motivating and relational connectedness alternative?

Appendix: Methodological reflections

Download the report here:

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