BAPS Expert List

The BAPS expert list gives an overview of BAPS members with their areas of expertise. This list can be used by the general public and by media to contact experts in specific domains of psychology.

The BAPS expert list offers an overview of BAPS members who are experts in the domain of psychology. This list can be used by the general public and media to find Belgian researchers with expertise in a specific topic. The expert list is sorted in alphabetical order, and contains contact information of each expert, keywords describing their expertise, and a short biography.

Full members of BAPS who would like to be added to the expert list need to complete an online form. Because we are currently still testing the expert list, only full members of BAPS can be added to the expert list. Applicants who want to be added to the expert list will need to comply with our terms and conditions. Please contact the expert list moderator if you have any questions or if you would like to update your information in the expert list.

Vantilborgh, Tim

Associate professor (VUB)

Keywords: Psychological contract, Burnout, Employee wellbeing, Research methods, Evidence-Based Management



Tim Vantilborgh is Associate Professor at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. He studies exchange relationship and psychological contracts between employees and employers (i.e., what are the mutual obligations between employees and employers; what happens when obligations are not fulfilled), employee wellbeing and burnout. He teaches research methods to bachelor students in psychology and evidence-based management to master students in Work and Organizational Psychology.


Naam en voornaam

Associate professor (VUB)

Keywords: keyword 1; keyword 2; keyword 3


Website: www.bla.ble

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