New motivation barometer report (#39) available

Written by Tim Vantilborgh
Psychology & Corona

The 39th report on the motivation barometer was made available on the 19th of January 2022. This report focuses on motivation, well-being and vaccination attitudes in Omikron times.

Short description of report

We have entered a new phase of the pandemic: the omicron variant is making a widespread breakthrough, the number of daily infections is rising to unprecedented levels, the testing strategy used so far is no longer tenable and the quarantine rules in schools have been adjusted several times. Primary school children and their parents are invited to be vaccinated and the debate on compulsory vaccination is on the parliamentary agenda. Against this turbulent backdrop, the Motivation Barometer once again measured how the motivation, well-being and vaccination attitude of the population has evolved. In this report, number 39, we focus on the following 5 questions:

  • How high is the motivation to comply with measures and decisions of the consultation committee and how is this related to the perceived risk of contamination?
  • How much confidence does the population still have in politicians and experts? And which factors determine the (loss of) trust in the strategy followed?
  • To what extent does the population comply with the basic measures and does it intend to protest against them
  • How much uncertainty do we have about the situation, and how has our autonomy and relational connectedness evolved
  • How have intentions to vaccinate children evolved, what is people's attitude towards booster shots, is there support for a 1G policy and mandatory vaccination and which factors does this depend on?

This report contains, in annex, a number of recommendations on how you, as a parent and/or caretaker of children aged 5 to 11 years (who decide to accept a COVID-19 vaccine), can interact with your child to prevent or minimize pain and anxiety during vaccination.

Download the report here:

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