New motivation barometer report available

Written by Tim Vantilborgh
Psychology & Corona

The 35th report on the motivation barometer was made available on the 12th of November 2021. This report focuses on risk-awareness and motivation of the population and the role of the covid safe pass. You can read the report on the website of the motivation barometer. 

Short description of report from the motivation barometer website:

During a quiet summer and after a successful vaccination campaign, the gates to freedom were opened with hope, but in the meantime a dampener of joy followed. Corona figures rose again in recent weeks. The abolition of compulsory mouth masks in public places and shops was reversed and other interventions were introduced (Covid Safe Ticket) or are being considered (compulsory vaccination in health care). The question arises how the population experiences this yo-yo movement and whether they are still prepared to comply with the imposed or new measures.In this report, we present the results of various measurements that were collected with the motivation barometer during the months of October and November (N = 12788; average age = 52.5 years; 68.5% highly educated; 74.7% vaccinated persons; 60.3% Dutch speakers). Is the population still risk sensitive? How are the risks assessed when they attend an event with or without a corona pass? To what extent do they still follow the measures and do they see the need for them? And how do the answers to these questions differ between vaccinated and non-vaccinated people? We formulate ten recommendations to strengthen motivational communication and policy.


Download the report here:

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