Upcoming event: Junior BAPS Workshop on Imposter Syndrome

Written by Tim Vantilborgh
Junior board

Imposter Syndrome is common among high achievers, and occurs when people are unable to recognize their own role in their successes. Too often, those with Imposter Syndrome chalk up successes to luck, timing, or computer error; agonize over the smallest flaws in their work; and fear that others will unmask them as frauds or imposters. In this interactive workshop, participants will understand what Imposter Syndrome is, recognize where it has affected their thinking, and reflect on how imposter moments may be impacting their academic or professional lives. Participants leave with a set of strategies to overcome such moments moving forward.

Over the last several years, this Imposter Syndrome workshop has been conducted by both selection and invitation in a variety of venues including the Arizona Women in Higher Education Conference, the inaugural University of Arizona Inclusive Excellence Symposium, and multiple diversity speaker series.

For more information on this event, go to our event section.

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