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2021 BAPS meeting

Thank you to the more than 300 colleagues who attended the BAPS 2021 meeting!

Despite the technical difficulties, all presentations could take place.

We look forward to welcoming you in 2022 at our annual meeting in Leuven  which will also mark our 75th Anniversary!




2021 Award winners


Congratulations to Dries Bostyn for winning the 2021 BAPPS Best PhD Thesis Award!

Congratulations to Sandra Invernizzi for winning the 2021 BAPS Best Master Thesis Award!

Congratulations to Manon Couvignou, Gudrun Reindl, and Simona Sankalaite for each winning a Best Poster award.

For more info, see our Awards 2021 page.


Read the 2021 Presidential Address


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Free webinar BAPS Junior Board

📆 Tuesday JUNE 22th at 6pm

🔵 Cognitive Aspects of Social Media Usage and the Influence of Conspiracy Theories on the Web 🔵 by Arnout Boot

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Mission Statement BAPS

Supporting and promoting psychological science in Belgium

The Belgian Association for Psychological Sciences (BAPS) seeks to unite all those interested in the development of psychological sciences and in its applications in Belgium. Its goals are:

  • Facilitating contacts between researchers in Belgium

  • Providing incentives for researchers in Belgium at different stages in their career,

  • Providing an outlet for psychological research in Belgium

  • Representing the values and goals of Belgian psychological scientists at the Belgian, European, and World level

  • Membership at minimal cost with many benefits

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Sponsorship Scheme

Depending on funding available, BAPS sponsors up to 2 scientific events organised by BAPS members and open to BAPS members.