Belgian Association for
Psychological Sciences

What does BAPS do?

The Belgian Association for Psychological Sciences (BAPS) seeks to unite all those interested in the development of psychological sciences and in its applications in Belgium. Its goals are:

  • Facilitating contacts between researchers in Belgium
  • Providing incentives for researchers in Belgium at different stages in their career
  • Providing an outlet for psychological research in Belgium
  • Representing the values and goals of Belgian psychological scientists at the Belgian, European, and World level
  • Membership at minimal cost with many benefits

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Organisation and governance structure

The Executive Committee is responsible for the governance of BAPS. Its members represent the various universities in Belgium and domains in psychological sciences. The Executive Committee is assisted by the junior board, consisting of junior scholars. The mission of the Junior Board is to bring together junior scholars (master, PhD, post-doc) in Psychological Sciences from all around Belgium. 

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Psychologica Belgica - the official journal of BAPS.

Psychologica Belgica is the official journal of the Belgian Association for Psychological Sciences (BAPS). The journal ensures rigorous peer-review to maintain research integrity. 

Psychological Belgica makes publications available online as soon as they are finalised. All publications are open access, making research available free of charge and without delay.

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The 2024 BAPS annual meeting is announced!

The 2024 BAPS annual meeting will take place on the 30th and 31st of May 2024 at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. Stay tuned for more information and don't forget to mark the dates in your calendar!

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Sponsorship Scheme

BAPS is sponsoring workshops and meetings taking place in Belgium that contribute to the development of psychological sciences and its applications in Belgium. ​We offer grants up to a maximum of 250€ covering all types of expenses that are necessary for the scientific event (travel and accommodation for guests, renting rooms, developing a website, catering costs, …). BAPS will attribute on average 3 sponsorships/year.

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