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BAPS is now on Facebook. You can check it out here.

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Update about the forthcoming annual BAPS meeting

Our next annual meeting in 2015 will be held at the Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium for Science and the Arts (Brussels) on May 28, 2015.  

The call for abstracts is now OPEN. Details can be found on the 2015 meeting website

Update about Psychologica Belgica

As from January 2014, Psychologica Belgica will be published as an open access journal by Ubiquity Press. Note that publication of accepted articles will be subjected to an author processing charge of £300 to cover publication costs. IMPORTANT NOTICE: FOR ARTICLES SUBMITTED BY BAPS MEMBERS, THERE WILL BE NO CHARGES. IN ORDER FOR THIS CONDITION TO APPLY, EITHER THE FIRST OR THE LAST AUTHOR OF THE ARTICLE NEEDS TO BE A BAPS MEMBER FOR AT LEAST ONE YEAR. This applies to all articles as submitted from November 20th 2013. More information about Psychologica Belgica. To go directly to the online submission platform, see Ubiquity Press.

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About BAPS

The Belgian Association for Psychological Sciences (BAPS) organizes several activities among which:

  • an annual meeting gathering 200 to 300 researchers, professors and students working in the Belgian universities (as well as international speakers and participants)

  • the publication of the journal "Psychologia Belgica"

  • a mailing list to circulate conference and seminar announcements, job adverts, etc. Any person interested in scientific research in psychological sciences can join the mailing list.

  • the Best Master Thesis award (More information)

Affiliation to the BAPS (see Members section for details) gives additional advantages including:

  • free access to the annual meeting

  • free processing charges to the open access journal of the society if you are first or last author: Psychologica Belgica

  • automatic affiliation to the Belgian Federation of Psychologists (BFP) of which BAPS is a member association; BAPS members also enjoy all BFP membership advantages including:

    • the BFP electronic newsletter which keeps members informed about current issues and events concerning Psychology in Belgium;

    • Psychologos, the 3-monthly BFP journal (available to BAPS members as well as to all members of BFP). The newsletter contains all kinds of information about scientific and professional activities in psychology, including editorials about current events of importance to Psychological Research and Professionals in Belgium; information about the activities of the Belgian Association for Psychological Sciences and the Federation, its working groups and committees, and related (international) organizations and universities; special information about meetings, symposia, conferences, training programs, etc.; information regarding the scientific activities of members of the Association (new Ph.D.s, new books, new members, etc.); summaries of current research projects conducted at different research centers.

    • there is also a LinkedIn group where members and non-members (already more than 900) actively discuss publications and projects. See  for more information on the LinkedIn group.

    • discounted affiliation fees are available for master and PhD students (see Members section for details).


Presidential Address

Psychological science is an ever faster growing scientific domain, and so is also psychological science in Belgium. While traditional fields such as experimental psychology, cognitive psychology, psychopathology, neuropsychology, biological psychology, mathematical psychology and social psychology are firmly established in Belgium, with a solid international presence by Belgian scientists, it is also very exciting to see a strong involvement of Belgian scientists in new emerging fields, such as cognitive neuroscience, cognitive psychopathology, social neuroscience, and affective neuroscience. These developments not only show that Belgian psychologists are ready to boldly go where no man has gone before, as some would say, but also that they manage to bridge scientific fields and to successfully work together in unprecedented, interdisciplinary configurations. The collaboration of cognitive psychologists, clinical psychologists and psychiatrists in the field of cognitive psychopathology is one example, while the marriage of cognitive psychologists, neuroscientists and social psychologists in the field of social neuroscience is another remarkable example.

As you can easily understand, this is a privileged time to preside the Belgian Association for Psychological Sciences (BAPS). Together with the other members of the executive committee, we will continue to provide platforms, activities and initiatives that facilitate and further stimulate the highly dynamic interactions between researchers in psychological sciences, at both national and international levels.

Our aims are:

  • The organization of an annual conference for Belgian researchers to share their latest findings, for young researchers to give their first public scientific presentation; the aim of this conference is further to foster international contacts by inviting leading international researchers and psychological societies from other countries.

  • To publish Psychologica Belgica, the only Belgian journal dedicated to scientific psychology, and to increase its international recognition.

  • To support talented young researchers by organizing a Best Thesis Award for the best master's thesis and by providing Best Poster Awards at the annual conference.

  • To keep Belgian psychologists informed about talks, seminars, conferences, job openings, etc. This is done via our mailing list.

  • To be the national and international representative of Belgian psychological research.

I look forward to working with you during the three coming years, and to accompany you on your quest to discover the new worlds of psychology.

Steve Majerus, BAPS President

Steve Majerus, President



The Belgian Psychological Society was founded in 1946 on the initiative of A. Michotte (read about the short review of the history of the society). The society's purpose was and is still to bring together all persons living in Belgium who are interested in the scientific development of Psychology and its applications.

The latest statutes/ constitution was ratified by the general assembly meeting, on May 5th, 2005. You can download the english version of the text. The rules of procedures are available here.


Affiliations, Liaisons and Partnerships

Full membership to BAPS also makes you a member of the Belgian Federation of Psychology (FBP). The BFP was founded in 1979 and coordinates the various associations of psychologists. Its purpose is to safeguard the rights and professional interests of its members. Under the impulse of the Federation, the statute of a psychologist is now regulated by law, and rules of ethical conduct have been issued. The Federation acts as a representative for its members when dealing with official bodies and other associations. Our organization has actively participated in the creation of the FBP. As the task of the latter concerns the professional interest psychologists, BAPS was able to concentrate more on its scientific mission.

BAPS is officially represented in the National Committee for Psychological Sciences at the Royal Academy of Sciences, Letters and Arts of Belgium. This committee aims to promote Belgian cooperation with international and interdisciplinary projects initiated by the International Council of Scientific Unions and the International Union of Psychological Science. BAPS is also a founding member of the International Union of Psychological science (I.U.Psy.S.). The I.U.Psy.S. was founded in 1951 and at present unites 51 national associations of psychology.

Up to two members of BAPS have been chosen as chairman of the I.U.Psy.S. The current president of the I.U.Psy.S. is Géry d'Ydewalle, the past-president of our society. The I.U.Psy.S. organizes the International Congress of Psychology every four years (1992 in Brussels, 1996 in Montreal, 2000 in Stockholm). All members of the Society are invited to take part in this conference. The I.U.Psy.S. also takes other initiatives to promote the international collaboration for the development of psychology as a science. As a member of the Society, you can purchase publications of the I.U.Psy.S. at a reduced price (International Directory of Psychologists, International Journal of Psychology, etc.). In July 1992, the Belgian Psychological Society organized the 25th International Congress of Psychology in Brussels. At that time, it had been well over a century ago that psychological science had begun to settle itself independently in Europe - notably in Belgium too (Brussels, Gent, Louvain, Liège). This meeting of considerable scientific importance was highly stimulating for the further growth of psychology in Belgium, from a societal as well as from a scientific point of view.

BAPS is also represented in several committees (Scientific Affairs Board; Board of Educational Affairs) of EFPA (European Federation of Psychologist's Associations).


BAPS Mailing List

Members of the Society can exchange information through an electronic mailing list called "baps". At this point, the mailing list is essentially used to let interested parties know about seminars and conferences organized by members.

To subscribe to the BAPS mailing list, send an email to with the text Subscribe in the subject and the message part.

Screenshot mailing list procedure

To unsubscribe from the BAPS mailing list, send an email to with the text Unsubscribe in the subject and the message part.

Send your messages of general interest to members of the Association by mailing them with the following address: baps@

In case of problems with the mailing list, please contact Frank Van Overwalle