BAPS JB workshop: A networking strategy aligned with my career plan

17 November 2022 | 16.00u - 17.00u

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LOCATION: TBD in September

Dr. Laurence Theunis will discuss with participants the use of social media in relation to their own career goals, in particular to be visible and accessible to potential recruiters, and to develop their own network. He will propose an interactive intervention (mentimeter, survey) to make the talk dynamic. The idea will also be to collect tips and tricks to share with them at the end of the session.

Dr. Laurence Theunis - Cofounder & Director (Benelux Office)

After having carried out a study on ant biodiversity for her PhD in co-supervision between the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences and the Free University of Brussels, she continued her career in raising awareness of scientific studies and in the valorization of the research. She has acquired, as a project manager for 10 years, an expertise in assisting researchers in their career development. Convinced of the added value of the doctoral experience and skills for many positions within companies that have been involved in technological, health or social innovations, she develops, as a consultant, the recruitment, the training and the studies activities of Adoc Talent Management in Belgium.

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