Junior board communication officer

Main responsibilities and tasks 

  • Manage and generate content for social media (Website, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn)
  • Develop a communication/publication strategy across all platforms 
  • Plan and manage the design, content, and production of all event materials
  • Raise awareness about the BAPS and its Junior Board - both in Belgium and on the international scene

Specific requirements

  • Able to work with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn
  • Willing to learn Canva or Figma for images
  • Curious and creative
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Eye for detail

General requirements

  • Strong English skills (understanding, speaking & writing)
  • Interest for promoting networking among junior researchers
  • Interest for well-being in academia
  • Interest in changing ecological footprints in the academic setting
  • A passion for teamwork
  • Available to attend (team) meetings (in person or digital)
  • Available to attend and help at events organised by the junior board


The mandate runs from the for each academic year, from September 2022 until August 2023.

Should you have any questions or should you be interested in this role, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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