BAPS Research Internship Network

Researchers from different psychology faculties can post their research internship topics online. We created a google form that can be filled in online by the promoters of the research internships themselves. Please note that the network is only intended for research internships and is not intended for clinical internships. Each promotor associated with a Belgian psychology faculty can independently decide whether he or she would like to welcome a master student from another university into his or her lab to perform a research internship.

The online form can be found on the following URL:


Once the online form is completed, the form will automatically be placed in an excel sheet that is online available for both the promoter and the students. (for the promoters, be careful, once the form is sent it cannot be changed or edited. So double check before hitting the submit button.

Students in the search for an internship position and promoters can see the available research positions on the following URL:

The links to the online form and the online sheet are also available on the BAPS website.


For further information, please contact Axelle Calcus (