Junior Board

The BAPS junior board aims to address the specific goals that young researchers would like to see fulfilled. The board can take initiatives for developing collaborations among young researchers and with more senior researchers. Workshops and/or special activities during the annual meeting are for instance envisioned. A specific budget will be allocated annually to the junior board, and one delegate will be member of the BAPS executive committee.


The junior board is composed on the basis of the same principles as the executive committee, which involves researchers from all Belgian universities, from all fields within psychology, and from different career stages (master, PhD, post-doc).


The junior board currently consists of:

  • Lise Peeters, KULeuven, master, social 

  • Karolien Adriaens, KULeuven, last year PhD, clinical/experimental

  • Wivine Blekic, UMons, 2nd year PhD, clinical

  • Pierre Gérain, UCLouvain, last year PhD, clinical

  • Coline Grégoire, ULiège, 1st year PhD, neurosciences

  • Jaana Van Overwalle, KULeuven,  2nd year PhD, experimental

  • Juul Vossen, VUB, 1st year PhD , industrial-organization

  • Emilie Caspar, ULB, post-doc , neuropsychology

  • Kobe Desender, UGent, post-doc , neuroscience

  • Adelaïde de Heering, ULB, post-doc, neuroscience

  • Emilie Lacroix, UCLouvain, post-doc , neuroscience

  • Romina Rinaldi, UMons, post-doc orthopedagogy

  • Jasper Van Assche, UGent, post-doc, social

  • Jonas Zaman, KULeuven, post-doc, health