Affiliations and Partnerships
Belgian Federation of Psychologists

Full membership to BAPS also makes you a member of the Belgian Federation of Psychologists (BFP/FBP). The BFP/FBP was founded in 1979 and coordinates the various associations of psychologists. See the BFP/FBP website.

National Committee

BAPS is officially represented in the National Committee for Psychological Sciences at the Royal Academy of Sciences, Letters and Arts of Belgium.

This committee aims to promote Belgian cooperation with international and interdisciplinary projects initiated by the International Council of Scientific Unions and the International Union of Psychological Science. See the RASAB website.


BAPS is a founding member of the International Union of Psychological science (I.U.Psy.S.). IUPsyS was founded in 1951 and at present unites 51 national associations of psychology. IUPsyS organizes the International Congress of Psychology every four years. IUPsyS also takes other initiatives to promote the international collaboration for the development of psychology as a science. BAPS members can purchase publications of the IUPsyS at a reduced price (International Directory of Psychologists, International Journal of Psychology, etc.). In July 1992, the Belgian Psychological Society organized the 25th International Congress of Psychology in Brussels. At that time, it had been well over a century ago that psychological science had begun to settle itself independently in Europe - notably in Belgium too (Brussels, Gent, Louvain, Liège). This meeting of considerable scientific importance was highly stimulating for the further growth of psychology in Belgium, from a societal as well as from a scientific point of view. See the IUPsyS website.

Other Bodies

BAPS is also represented in the following committees:

Scientific Affairs Board


Educational Affairs Board


European Federation of Psychologists' Associations (EFPA). See the EFPA website.